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Need some feedback on my latest project, the next level, LvL8!
(2010-03-28, 06:04 PM)KuJoe Wrote: Does the container look "crammed" to you? On my screen it looks fine and on most pages don't even scroll for me.

It does, especially on the forums. You have no padding for the theads and the on/off icons. And the tables run into each other.

(2010-03-28, 06:04 PM)KuJoe Wrote: What browser are you using? All of the page layouts look identical in Chrome and IE8.

I've tested it in Firefox, Chrome, IE8, IE7, and Opera but they all have the toplinks bug I described. I don't know if it matters, but I'm on Windows 7 with a 1280x1024 resolution.
I see the bug you mention when I have IE8 in Compatability Mode but under normal mode it looks correct at 1280x768 on XP.

I will fix the forum padding now since I made the container wider. Smile
Ok, cleaned up the forum area a lot (although I can't figure out what is causing the weird navbar in Compatibility Mode in IE8 Sad) and changed the advertisement placement. Big Grin
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