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Own skin - multicolor! - Forum
Hi this is my forum, my own style, he was creating it, the style has a lot of color simply click on the square of the logo. Maybe in the future as well as providing access to this style will do a new
[Image: 1zsw1z.png]
Sweet skin! You should probably change the bottom links because they're very hard to see due to similar colors.
100 Posts - $3.00
PM me for more information.
Don't like the thread icons that have been ripped from vB but otherwise very nice!
so I know I need to change those icons, I find the time to be changing
[Image: 1zsw1z.png]
Stralen icons, no more perfect.
You may want to update the forum name Toungue. Although I do like the theme.
Nice theme Smile
"Powered by vBulletin" and the vBulletin link at the bottom don't belong. Give some credit to the people who actually power your site.
Excellent theme. Good job.
good u
Kinda weird though... The vBulletin link goes to the homepage of the forum Undecided but yes I agree remove them give some credit to MyBB

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