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Shadow Ball Forum
Hello. I'm Kazuto and I'm here to promote my latest forum, "Shadow Ball". Now, I know what you're thinking: "Another Pokemon forum? Jeesh!"; can't really say that this one's better (or worse) but I want to make a somewhat-personal Pokemon forum that I run, ya know? I chose the name "Shadow Ball" because, one, Morty's Gengar in SoulSilver just loved to use this move against me. It was as if it never ran out of PP. -Snickers quietly- Ahem, anyway. The other reason was because I thought that a common Ghost-type move - or a move altogether - wasn't really common and that it was more original. If you'd like, you can help out with its construction and adminning. I'm always looking for new staff to help run it. Smile

Oh yeah, the link. You can visit the forum at

Now, I don't have any special perks (as of yet) that will win you over. I'm still kinda fixing it up and all that. If you do decide to join, I'd advise you be active and make us look good. My name on there is, here it comes, Uxie. Toungue
I use a more easy to read font for the header. I know it's pokemon but if people have trouble reading it that's a problem.
VERY original logo, I love it.

It sure is a problem if people can't read it, as Alex said. But you wouldn't want anyone on your forum not knowing what Unowns are, right? Better keep them outside, starring at the mysterious logo.
@faviouz Outcasting people who can't read Unowns is kind of a bad thing. I just thought the Unowns add a certain... creative flair to it.

I shall drum up a secondary banner with the same text as the 'TM30' (aka the in-game font).
I guess Novus is the new Afresh then?

I'm sick of that theme tbh. Smile
It seems so.

Seeing how Afresh doesn't have purple, I decided to go with computergeek67's series. He made purple. :3
No more comments? Sad

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