Discuss: MyBB 1.04 Released - Security Update
I guess they are busy making the next security release , cause chris stated that there will be more than one!.

Going to install patch after I get home form school (in about an hour). I talked to Dennis about the "Latest Announcement" thing, and I believe it will be updated when the next major version comes out.
I get this error:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home2/simulati/public_html/forums/inc/functions.php on line 2058
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Please unzip and upload the files again to exclude any mistake.
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Updated with no problems.

Hey, Mr. Feather!
worked good for me to i think
That was bizare I selected Auto instead of Binary and it works what's the difference?
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PHP files are text files, not binary files...
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Ok! Thanks, Chris!


Does managegroup.php fix the non-access for groups accessing groups they aren't entitled to, as was discussed here in another thread along with the suggestions / code by Tikiti..

Viz: My "Special Members Group" needs to stay that way... Only for "Special Members"..

Is that how it now works ??

Simulationcity Wrote:That was bizarre I selected Auto instead of Binary and it works what's the difference?

If it's a picture / image... it's binary. Most other stuff goes up in ASCII.

Don't trust the Auto function of ftp transfer toooooo much for some free ftp software, as a lot of times it screws up.

Most times it gets it right. So if you have problems with "Half-Images" or something just doesn't work... Try uploading them in their respective formats / protocols.

The difference is:

Binary is usually one continuous line of code with no breaks.

Ascii puts a carriage-return after 80 columns.

So if it's wrong, you could be screwing-up binary with carriage returns, or screwing-up Ascii by having NO carriage returns...

Worrying! isn't it... ?? Lol!

Ciao! Toungue

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