Discuss: MyBB 1.04 Released - Security Update
the only things in the zip file I have though is:

inc folder
Sorry, I thought you want to install MyBB.

To update your board you have to upload these files into your forums directory on your server and overwrite the old ones.
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do i just extract them to the first folder of the forum folder i have - do not need to go into any sub-directories no? just extract all of the above then upload?
Heloo there!!
Upload them as the following!


the ./ mean the root directory that contains your actuall board files!
the only files that should be upload to a sub-directory is functions.php which has to be uploaded to ./inc

i have done the above but when I check the version it still says its 1.03 ???

am I doing something wrong?
Well the only things that displays the version, is editing .inc/functions
so even if whatever u do for the other files, and u didn't change the

$mybboard['internalver'] = "1.03";
$mybboard['vercode'] = "100.10";
it will display that u still running an old version, however, u are using the latest codes, so it's just a matter of text. not functions and codes
im still running mybb pr2 as its what my board was in when i lost my hosting.

how do i go about installing this update?

i get this when trying to upgrade

Warning: main(../inc/db_.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gamerutq/public_html/install/upgrade.php on line 24

Warning: main(../inc/db_.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gamerutq/public_html/install/upgrade.php on line 24

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '../inc/db_.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/gamerutq/public_html/install/upgrade.php on line 24

nvm.. turns out i was overwriting the original settings.php
If you want to upgrade to MyBB 1.04 you have to download the complete package at the download site. Upload all files except for inc/config.php and inc/settings.php to your webspace and overwrite the old ones.
After that you have to open the update scripts in your browser (install/upgrade.php). Just follow the instructions.
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i fixed it

was overwriting config and setting.php Toungue

so fixed that, but i ran the upgrade.php and it said no upgrade needed :|
I believe unless you are upgrading from PR2 then there is no need to run the upgrade script.
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