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Lockerz Mania
Name: Lockerz Mania
Creation date: 27/12/2009
Admin: Dawson02
[Image: perprovs.png]
Forum URL:

Hey you if you want a Lockerz Invite,you can create a new thread in the "Richiedi un invito" section!
I don't think this is allowed here.
Why? It is a myBB forum...
This isn't a ref link,here i link only to my forum....
(2010-04-14, 01:56 PM)Joshee Wrote: I don't think this is allowed here.

I think it is allowed Smile - No referal links etc.., just another MyBB forum Wink.
Ryan Loos Wrote:But as for the threads, I don't think they're necessary. They should just put it in their signatures or something.
I think non-English posts need to go in the "international" forum.
Maybe.... but there's another italian forum
I don't see the problem. It's not like he's begging people to take his invites. He's showcasing his forum. As for the language issue, I think I've seen forums in other languages post in the showcase as well. Maybe they should have an 'Other Languages' sub-forum...

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