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WCHA Fan Forums.
i am now annoucing WCHA Fan Forums.

it is a set of forums for WCHA Hockey. Western Collegiate Hockey Assocation. they play as Division 1a Hockey.

we have many forums to choose from, from 10 teams forums to General Chatters and Score Updates.

what you think. there is also 10 themes for you to choose from. the default themeis there. but you can change your theme to any of the different WCHA Hockey team themes. each team have it own theme, with it own team colors.

any comments or any suggestion on my board. would like to make it better, but i feel i did a good job with it. i thinking of changing the images. but you think.

WCHA Fan Forums Website and Boards
nice forum!!

but why u are running the HEloo world plugin

Quote:Hello World!
This is a sample MyBB Plugin (which can be disabled!) that displays this message on all pages.

good question. will get rid of that now.

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