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Normally, I would make a plugin myself, but I really don't have the time right now. I was wondering if someone would mind making a plugin to limit the height of a forum members signature to 200px. Not by actually removing things from the user's signature, but by giving the user's signature a scrollbar.

I thought about putting the {$post['signature']} in the postbit_signature template in a div with the height set to 200px and the overflow set to auto. That worked for those people whose signatures were bigger than 200px. However... For those people who didn't have a signature greater than 200px, the signature was still expanded to 200px. So you'd get a rather large blank space. that shouldn't be there.

Any help?
What about using "max-height: 200px" instead of "height: 200px"?
Ah. That would be because I didn't know there was a max-height option. Thank you very much, that did EXACTLY what I wanted it to do.
Note that this might not work in all browsers.
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(2010-04-28, 08:22 PM)Lennart Sauter Wrote: Note that this might not work in all browsers.

Luckily it works in almost all (cool) browsers.

[Image: jakyvp.png]

currently IE 8 works with overflow, example:

<div style="align:right; max-height: 100px; overflow:auto">{$post['signature']}</div>

or use "overflow:hidden" for hiding bar
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