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[] Abbreviations
Name: Abbreviations
Description: If your users do like abbreviations, you might like this plugin.
It allows the admin to add common abbreviations and a explanation of these abbreviations in Admin CP and these explanations will be displayed if a user hovers over an abbreviation in a post.
For better understanding, this is the original request by Disciple of Nagash, credits to him.
You can of course use this for any help text or something else too.

- fully language compatible using language files (english and german language included!)
- settings as known from all of my plugins
- complete new ACP page under configuration

Note: If you do add a lot of abbreviations, it might slow down your forum. Decrease the ammount if you feel that sites are loading slower.
Demo: -
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: 1.4.x
Adds files: [yes]
Changes files: [no]
Adds templates: [no]
Changes templates: [no]
Adds to database: [yes]
Changes database: [no]

ACP overview + deleting
ACP adding
Turns out in the showthread as
Settings page

Download for subscribers:
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