Cya everyone!
I don't really like making these kinds of threads (I pretty much never do) but I thought this may be informative/useful to some.
Due to conflicting interests I have with some here (and after failing to resolve these), I have determined that I probably don't really belong in this community (despite being one of the most active posters) so this will most likely be my last post and visit on these forums.

I am still considering whether I should keep my own MyBB related forum, MyBB Hacks, open or not. Right now, I am thinking of keeping it, but I may change my mind later on (so if there's something you want there, I suggest you grab it before it disappears).
If you wish to contact me for any reason, you can do so over there. (my username over there is "ZiNgA BuRgA")

I have enjoyed being a part of this community while it lasted, as well as being a part of the staff in the past - I am glad to have had this opportunity and I thank all members here for supporting the MyBB project.
I wish this project the best of luck in the future, despite my disagreements on various decisions, and I hope you all continue supporting it.

Thanks for reading.
Bah! You're one of the few people who I can debate with and not get angry. Now I can add another name to the list of people who left that I actually enjoyed talking with. Sad

KuJoe's List of Sadness
  1. Bey Brad
  2. Yumi

I tried registering on your forum but I've been stopped by the AJAX password checking bug. Sad
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its going to be sad to see you go buddy you truly made an big inpack on what mybb is two day

do hope you come in an see us from time to time just as an friend
I don't really know you but I do appreciate your plugins and your contribution.
Good luck with everything. Wink
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You'll be missed Yumi Sad. Good luck where ever you go.
You helped me create my first plugin, you helped me learn more about plugins, I consider you a friend because of you're kindness. Its sad to see people like you leave after so much effort and hard work

Smile Good luck with whatever it is you will be doing now
Farewell Yumi!
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Best wishes Yumi. It's always sad seeing someone go.
Too bad Sad

Good luck on whatever projects/paths you choose to follow. Thanks for everything you've contributed over your time being here Smile
good u
Good bye, Yumi. I didn't know you but I download all your plugins from MyBBHacks. So thanks a lot for your uberness. Have fun with life.

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