MyBB team restructuring
I am happy to announce that the MyBB team has recently been expanded with 3 fresh team members! The team felt MyBB development was not going as fast as it should go and providing support to the community was taking away quite a lot of our time, so we decided to take on new people to assist us in these matters.

Firstly, decswxaqz has joined our team as a developer. He will be assisting Chris, Dennis, MusicalMidget and me in completing MyBB 1.2 and will continue to develop MyBB afterwards. Decswxaqz is also very familiar with the MyBB code already

Secondly, Michael83 has become part of the MyBB support team. Michael will be active here on the community board, giving support to users who are having problems with MyBB and need to find their way around. Since Michael has always been very active with MyBB and even has his own German community board, he is a great choice for our support team.

Thirdly, kodaks has joined the team. Like Michael, kodaks will give support to the MyBB community. Kodaks is also a regular here at the MyBB forums and has been participating in the MyBB community for a long time and therefore is a great candidate to provide support to the community.

On behalf of the rest of the team: welcome to the three of you!

Due to these changes to the team, development is sure to speed up. MyBB 1.2 is well on its way at the moment and it promises some interesting new features and a significantly rewritten codebase. Furthermore, it will fix many of the out-standing bugs that we know are still in the MyBB 1.0x series. We are committed to fixing these as soon as possible.
Peter Akkies
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Peter Akkies

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