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Congrats you three!!!
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Yep, Congratulations.
Congrats. Smile
I wonder how you guys got to be part of the team.
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Marc O' Connor Wrote:Congrats. Smile
I wonder how you guys got to be part of the team.
Probably by helping users out and showing their experience in MyBB. I'm wondering whether any staff of MyBB get paid?
I don't get paid. I don't think anyone else gets paid. Chris accepts donations though, for MyBB Wink
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
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If you want I can provide installation support
Cnogratulation all. most for us...
Good luck all three
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Congratulations to the MyBB Team... So what new features are exactly planned for MyBB 1.2?
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That will mostly remain a secret!

We don't have that many new features as of the moment because we're concentrating on improving the code behind MyBB.

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