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Hey people ....Need some help .
I am helping out a site to debug their forum
As they are having troubles .
Found and fixed the major problem ( Database related )
But in the process I had to de-activate all their
plug ins
to test the Server Load through the TOP command .
Here's where it all came undone .
I went into the plugins page and read this at the top before commencing
This section allows you to activate, deactivate, and manage the plugins that you have uploaded to your forum's inc/plugins directory. To hide a plugin from view, but not lose any stored information from it, click the Deactivate link.
So I thought ALL GOOD.
Didnt turn out that way .
After testing my server load and realising that none of the mods were effecting it
I reactivated the ones that were activated before hand .
( I made a back up list of what was activated and what was not)
When they were reactivated everything was screwed
for eg. We used the Board Messages mod and now it was displaying the message box twice instead of once
So I uninstalled it / re-installed it ...still the same .
So I got rid of that and used the Message Band Mod which worked fine
We lost info in 5 other mods . All the text and settings seem to be reverted back to new Sad
I have double checked all the chmod permissions and all are set right
The one mod that we really need to work AGAIN properly is the
Thread Description Mod (this one)
We are using MyBB ver. 1.4.9
This worked fine when installed
(as did the rest )
But when it was deactivated and reactivated
Now the description field only shows in the NEW POSTS or SEARCH section
And not in the TOPIC VIEW
Any help would be appreciated as i have run out of ideas .
If anyone needs anymore info I am happy to provide them with it.
HELP! lol
(I have added an attachment file with the list of plug ins and there settings before i de-activated them)
Not Solved
No ideas anyone ?

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