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[For 1.6] [Release] Hide until thanks v 3.1.2
[Image: hide.gif]

Name: Hide until thanks
Description: a usefull thanks and hide system
Version: v 3.0
Compatibility: 1.4.x - 1.6.x

- Classic thanks system.
- Hide system
- Using AJAX technology for the thanks and to unlock the content Wink.

How works?
Easy, only install, ¿very simple no?. After installation, all that is contained in the tags [HIDE] [/ HIDE] will be hidden until the user clicks the thanks button and/or are an unregistered user, show a message inviting you to register Wink

[Image: 99435413.png]

In the 3.0 i added the new setting to ignore forums Smile
-Ignorar foros: Foros para deshabilitar el sistema. Separado por coma. Ej: 2,3,4. (0 para deshabilitar).

[Image: 19222-1335936123-no%20thanks.thumb.png] [Image: 19222-1335936136-thanks%20loading.thumb.png] [Image: 19222-1335936153-the%20thanks%20and%20th....thumb.png] [Image: 19222-1333875163-99435413.thumb.png]

- Added the ignored groups option. (This option hide the thanks button for some groups)
- Changed all the structure of the Hide Engine
- Now the content is not showed in the portal, archive, quotes, preview post (and all other pages).
- The incorporation of the AJAX engine to unclock the content!!! Big Grin.
- Fixed problems with the "preview post".
- Added the option to ignore forums
- Added some hooks to solve problems.
- Some parts of the code were rewritten to optimize the system.
- Massive bugs fixes since the last version
- Added the option to change the message from the Admin control panel.
- Now you can change de BBcode to hide the messages from the ACP.
- The quoted posts not show more the content.
- Added the Activate/Desactivate fuction in the ACP
- Minnor Bug fixes.
- Añadido boton de paypal al ACP.
-----Beta 0.9-----
- Removed the images and changed by text only.
- Minnor Bug fixes.
-----Beta 0.8-----
- First release.

Coming soon:
- REP system integration.

The system is completely compatible with the prostats Wink

Download from

¡How to migrate from another thanks system?

- First of all we recommend to make a backup.

- If you use the classic thanks system made by SaeedGh or any similar (support all classic thank´s system exept the -Geek- thanks/like system), Disable the plugin (Disable, not uninstall).

- Upload the plugin Hide until thanks 3.0 and replace all files.

- Upload this file to your forum root.

.php   thx_update.php (Size: 5.01 KB / Downloads: 426)

- Sign in as administrator and go to the following address in your browser

Now re activate the plugin (now is called Hide until thanks 3.0).

If you did everything right, now you have the hide until thanks but keeping the thanks of the old system Wink

Exclamation MyBB-Es.Com, spanish support for MyBB Wink
Added 1.6 Support
Exclamation MyBB-Es.Com, spanish support for MyBB Wink

Persian Language:

.zip (Size: 19.95 KB / Downloads: 221)

More Information (Persian پارسی):

thank you so much pars
Exclamation MyBB-Es.Com, spanish support for MyBB Wink
(2010-08-09, 11:33 AM)Walkman 5.0 Wrote: thank you so much pars
Hey Walkman,can you check the reviews please?
Thanks in advanced...

The plugin now use AJAX to reload the content and see the HIDE Wink
Exclamation MyBB-Es.Com, spanish support for MyBB Wink
Attachment to download, thanks must be done? [[Those who want to download files, they may thank you.]]

.zip   Teşekkür Butonu Entegreli Hide Hack Türkç (Size: 15.21 KB / Downloads: 226)
added to the first posts thanks bomfile
Exclamation MyBB-Es.Com, spanish support for MyBB Wink
Hmm, its too bad with a custom theme the button totally doesn't fit because its only for the standard theme. Also, as soon as someone hits the THANKS button it still doesn't change but he has to refresh the site to actually see the unhidden content.

It would also be helpful if there would be a permission setting so not anyone can use this, but maybe only the Admin for example.

Not perfect but maybe in time.


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