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I thought that the old thread rating does not reflect the current situation, excuse me.
Merged. I see no reason to make a new thread and then post in the old one linking to it. A new theme doesn't warrant it's own thread.
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Wow, looks very good! I registrated!
Sorry for my bad English
It looks brilliant. A good theme, a good domain... this could go pretty far.
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I've been wondering why nobody has mentioned copyright issues but if you're getting permission than congrats on the great domain and great theme. Good luck.
Yes, I contacted Jakub Steiner (aka jimmac) personally and he gave me full permission to use the graphics and stylesheets.

I will release a slighty improved version with a few bug fixes for 1.6 (assuming it will be released soon), and will get the author to confirm it in a post.
It will be a pleasure to share the theme with MyBB community.

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