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[For 1.6] [Release] ProBlack - 1.6 Series
(2010-05-08, 07:22 AM)trilobyte- Wrote: I don't like it to be honest. It's just the default theme with a different background, logo and thead image. The only thing that makes it different apart from those things is that has a glow on the container.

3/10. Sorry.

Thank you for the feedback. Smile

I'll see what I can add in v1.5

Theme added to database! Big Grin
Needs a little more done to it if you know what I mean, but otherwise I like the direction you're headed in!
Darkly... I LOVE IT. It looks so simple, and professional. Good work.
Lmao epic fail:
PRobrown??????? XDD
[Image: 2lazl1z.jpg]
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(2010-05-08, 12:47 PM)Trinit Wrote: Lmao epic fail:
PRobrown??????? XDD

Quote:*The preview logo shows 'Pro Brown' which is should be 'Pro Black'. The name was supposed to be 'Pro Brown' if you like to know. Smile

Quoted from the page. Wink
And its a moz-shadow thing, which only works on some browsers, so will look even more like the default theme in other browsers.
I'm beginning to create the next version of this theme (I don't which version :p)

This theme would be in private development until it is released. Smile
It has a lot of potential; call out if you need some help with it. Smile
Ok... Smile

Features/things to do list:
  • Custom image set
  • CSS edits (Don't ask me what CSS edits)
  • Custom login (panel) box (Might not be included in this update through)
  • New background
v1.5 (Testing version 1)

Please report any bugs/errors here!

Download: (IT'S BUGGY)

*This version (v1.5) is INCOMPLETE currently.

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