Not Solved A Few Bugs / Problems
Not Solved
I've got a few issues with my board right now.

1. Email This thread isn't working, the button isn't even shown. Oddly enough, however, only in the browser IE6 and below does it display the actual picture for the link.

2. Inline Moderator Toolts (custom) not closing threads. I can't seem to get my custom inline moderator tools to close threads. It'll change subjects, add new replies, etc. etc., but it won't close them. Other inline moderator tools such as the simple "close" tool works fine.

3. Forum Indicators not properly working. I've changed my forum indicators from .gif to .png. I had to change the code in two locations, the template and the javascript file. Everything says .png. But for some reason the indication links themselves next to the forums show the .gif images, and the ones at the bottom of the page show the .png images. I had to put both in my images location to get it to work, but it shouldn't be showing the .gif's at all.

At the moment that's all i've really got. If any one can, please help.
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