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Gaming Empire
only been building mods and templates right now work on the style and banner later what do you all think about the templates right now
wow for a while i thought it's vbulleting Wink

nice work
Nice. Can you provide us your Navbar template
yeah it would go good with the vb template
For a site called Gaming Empire it doesn't look like it's about gaming. It's more dedicated to babes and other irrellevent crap.
image in gallery only there for testing the random code
version 2 is done
You're using a modified version of my skin without my copyright notice? You could at least have asked for my permission if you wanted to do that.

In that case, I would not permit you to take out all of the copyright. You could, however, change the copyright to...

Skin by: <a href="">Oxide Skins</a>

Feel free to use my buttons, by the way.
(Should anybody else want to have copyright negotiations with me, PLEASE ASK FIRST)
Recent Oxide Skins
[Image: digitart2dt.gif]
you can have copyright to the colours but not to my templates

that all themes use

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