Not Solved Google SEO 1.1.13 Problems. Several Ones !
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Now, I installed the Google SEO 1.1.13 Plugin Correctly, Went over the Documentation and did all the changes in the .htaccess and inc/functions.php as well...

Several Problems Occured after that:-

1-The action=do lastpost gives a blank page upon clicking on it, however, when I choose the forum and choose the thread from, it opens..

2-I received that error at the header of my ACP:-
Warning [2] Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/promasry/public_html/forums/inc/functions.php:1) - Line: 51 - File: admin/index.php PHP 5.2.11 (Linux)
File    Line    Function
[PHP]         errorHandler->error
/admin/index.php    51    header

I will post my default functions.php file in attachment. edit it for me to suite the google SEO 1.1.13 please !

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There's blank space or extra characters at the top of your functions.php file, did you use the functions.php that comes with the plugin?? It provides a pre-modified version for you. Issue #1 may be caused by the same thing.
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I can't find functions.php in the plugin folder, this is the list of the files included:-

   This is a list of files you will find in the Google SEO zip archive.

   - COPYING.txt:
     GNU General Public License text.

   - README.txt:
     Empty file that points to inc/plugins/google_seo.txt

   - functions.php.1.4.x-googleseo:
     Ready to use functions.php for MyBB 1.4.x

   - functions.php.patch-googleseo: (advanced users only)
     For the use with GNU diff / patch utils on a Linux shell.
     * apply: patch functions.php functions.php.patch-googleseo
     * revert: patch -R functions.php functions.php.patch-googleseo

   - htaccess.txt.example:
     Example .htaccess file with Google SEO URL rewrite rules.
     You have to adapt this for your needs.

   - rewrite-nginx.txt:
     Example rewrite rules for nginx.

   - rewrite-lighttpd.txt:
     Example rewrite rules for lighttpd.

   - robots.txt.example:
     Example robots.txt file with allow/deny rules for search engines.
     You have to adapt this for your needs.

   - translate.php.german:
     Example inc/plugins/google_seo/translate.php file for German umlauts

   - translate.php.turkish:
     Example inc/plugins/google_seo/translate.php file for Turkish.

   - translate.php.widelatin:
     Example inc/plugins/google_seo/translate.php file for Wide latin.

   - inc/languages/english/googleseo.lang.php:
     Standard English messages. Can be translated for other languages.

   - inc/lanugages/english/admin/googleseo_plugin.php:
     Standard English messages for Admin CP plugin status.

   - inc/languages/english/admin/googleseo_settings.php:
     Standard English messages for Admin CP configuration.

   - inc/plugins/google_seo.php:
     Main plugin file.

   - inc/plugins/google_seo.txt:
     Main plugin documentation.

   - inc/plugins/google_seo/404.php:
     Google SEO 404 module.

   - inc/plugins/google_seo/meta.php:
     Google SEO Meta module.

   - inc/plugins/google_seo/plugin.php:
     Google SEO plugin module.

   - inc/plugins/google_seo/redirect.php:
     Google SEO Redirect module.

   - inc/plugins/google_seo/sitemap.php:
     Google SEO Sitemap module.

   - inc/plugins/google_seo/url.php:
     Google SEO URL module.
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It's functions.php.1.4.x-googleseo, rename it to functions.php and use that. Has the edits for you.
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Thank you my friend Smile Really appreciating Smile

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