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Rules and Guidelines on 1.6 beta suggestions - PLEASE READ
Thanks for taking the time to test MyBB 1.6 beta. If you have a suggestion to make, this is the place to make it.

Please make sure you search this forum first to make sure your suggestion hasn't already been made; we only need one thread on a particular suggestion. We'll merge threads that suggest the same thing to help us keep track of everything but it would save us time if there was only one thread for each idea. Feel free to post in someone else's thread to say you agree, or indeed disagree, with the change they're suggesting. We want you to voice your opinion but in an organised manner.

This forum is only to discuss the new features in MyBB 1.6, a list of which can be found here. At this stage we can only 'tweak' existing functionality rather than make major changes to it as we want to release 1.6 as soon as we can.

No new feature requests will be accepted. Whole new features are not going to be added at this stage and threads requesting new features will be closed. If you would like to suggest features for the next feature release, MyBB 2.0, you should post your idea on the Ideas site.

If your suggestion thread does not get a reply, there is no need to bump it, and we're not ignoring you; we will read every single post made in this forum and a lack of a response doesn't mean it's not been read or considered. Please try and keep this forum as clean, organised and un-cluttered as possible.

Thank you.
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