MyBB as a backend
I'm building an app in Zend Framework which will use MyBB as a backend for user login/session management and as a commenting engine. I have the login/session part already (inspired by MyBB integrator which made it real easy), but as I'm going to be using user and thread ID's everywhere, I'd like to change the users and threads tables to InnoDB (to enforce FK restrictions). Do you see any issues with this?

One thing I know MyIsam has InnoDB hasn't is fulltext search, but I'm planning to implement a app-wide search using Sphinxsearch anyway so this isn't an issue.

Also, I'd like to be able to be able to change the behaviour (for example, I'll replace the avatar system with my own which will use the app's ImageRepository backend), but still being able to apply upgrades, if possible. How heavily can I do this with the plugin system?

Any help (or even general-type comments) would be great. Thanks.

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