[request]New Board Statistics
hi can any one make a new Board Statistics like this plz
where it shows all the time so people can see whos admin and so on
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bad english sorry if u dotn understand me

[Image: boradstatistics.jpg]
This can be done via templates, easily.

Admin CP -> Templates -> Modify / Delete -> *Template Name* -> Expand -> Index Page Templates -> index_whosonline

Above this:
Add this:
<font color="[color=blue]COLOR[/color]"><strong>[[color=blue]GROUP NAME[/color]]</strong></font><br /><br />
Where the parts in blue are what you need to change for each group. For each additional group, just add this:
<font color="[color=blue]COLOR[/color]"><strong>[[color=blue]GROUP NAME[/color]]</strong></font>
Right before the two <br />'s
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@Belloman: thank for info. This mod is great for statics board
Sorry, because English not good
how do i get it so it go's in a line

if u look at my forums its liek this


[Super Moderators]



i want it liek this

[Administrators] [Super Moderators] [Moderators] [Registered]
look www.ukgn.gamepain.net/forum
iv done it now its how i want it

<td class="trow1"><span class="smalltext">$lang->online_note<br
<font color="Red"><strong>[Administrators]</strong></font>
<font color="orange"><strong>[Super Moderators]</strong></font>
<font color="purple"><strong>[Moderators]</strong></font>
<font color="blue"><strong>[Registered]</strong></font><br /><br />
You must've read my instructions wrong the first time, but it's great to see t hat you got it working. Smile
jsoltesz.com - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006
o sorry forget to look at teh over bit u putSmile

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