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[Theme] Anime
Version: 1
Version of Mybb: 1.4x
Author: Trinit
A theme requested by UruzSeven on Anime's world. Inside you will find the PSDs of:
  • Logo
  • thead
  • buttons


Home page:
[Image: 2nqrtbn.png]

A thead:
[Image: 102mekj.png]

Buttons folder:

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 2.21 MB / Downloads: 145)
[Image: 2lazl1z.jpg]
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nice! ^^ i love anime and this theme tanks
This is pretty neet, good job! Big Grin
This theme is really impressive. You keep improving on every new theme you make.
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Thank you all =)
[Image: 2lazl1z.jpg]
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Not my taste but it does look good Smile
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I do like the theme,but I would expect it to have more colors then it does..

Maybe make a v2?

Either way keep up the good work.
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Great work, I love the thead. ;D
Yeah I could make one with more colors. Given that I don't watch Animes and it was requested on my site, could anyone tell me the colors of the animes?
[Image: 2lazl1z.jpg]
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