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MyBB Topsites
Due to our host selling the company, the topsites will be down for long time and I don't know if it'll be back up again.. sorry
If you get hold of the sql and files and send them to me, then redirect the domain to my nameservers i can host the site. I want it to stay up! especially as i am top on the list Toungue
I'm looking for a good site to keep running my other sites though.... if I can't find anything I'll contact you.
Umm... I registered, it sent my e-mail, but I can't log in and my listing is not displayed...

There were SQL errors when I signed up, though. And it won't let me register my username again as it says it's in use!

When everything is fixed please delete my account ("CompuForums") and PM me here...
What exactly you mean? My topsites are down...
The ThinkGFX topsites are now back up. Sorry for the downtime.

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