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MyBB Topsites
Hey everyone

I'm working on a topsites list and decided to make a category just for MyBB. The link to the topsites homepage is located at and the MyBB Only category is at

I have added the MyBB Community by default. Please feel free to submit your forum in there.

I added mine.
- Affordable shared and reseller plans.
- Free shared hosting.

iv aslo added my site

iv got a topsite now to

My Topsite
Nice system !!
I signed up for both topsites. ^_^ Love the layouts!
[Image: siggy1eh.png]
Thanks. I'll try to get more people to submit their sites + I'll add more categories. I will also try to work on a new template.

At the bottom there is a dropdown where you can change the layout.

Glad you like it!
Added mine.

Great site!
[Image: destroyerjf8.jpg]

Give us your feedback about MyBB in this thread and become listed on the MyBB website.
Me too Wink
I have created a new style for the topsites. See it at

If you like the old one better, you may change it with the dropdown at the bottom.

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