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(2010-06-13, 10:29 AM)Rozzy Wrote: Labra, begging for members is not what you do in the showcase section.
You advertise your site and you have to be open to criticism, and people will join on their own, not by you begging, if they think it's good enough, unlike me.
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You didn't just say "please" you said:

Quote:People join! Pleasee <3

Seems like begging to me.
(2010-06-13, 11:00 AM)Rozzy Wrote: You didn't just say "please" you said:

Quote:People join! Pleasee <3

Seems like begging to me.
Yep. I agree

(2010-06-13, 11:03 AM)labra Wrote: Begging is; omfg join please dude i beg you

can you stop trashing my threads
You don't have any right to tell us to stop posting in your threads. You are asking for a review, and you are criticising us for doing so.
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Sorry, Gaara

If you are the admin from message board come inside please.No drama just a few question regarding your awesome modification to your boardSmile
I appreciate if you can help me out with few things which you use them to the board. How did you use the top sistem with these options ? It`s a customize plugin or something that already exist ?
* General
* Gaming
* Computer
* Coding
* Market Place
* Groups

How did you integrate the icons to top of the board ?
# Home
# Upgrade
# Search
# Awards
# Team
# Contact
# Member List
# Help
And the last question is regarding the icons from each forums. Where did you modify the codes to have the ability to appear different icons to every created forum?
Anticipate thanks
"Guru Forums - A place for Guru's to hang out."

Sir Google, may you define?:

A guru (गुरु) is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area.

"Guru Forums - We can't even make out own content."
i fix now with the icons Big Grin
This is a double post.

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