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(2010-06-13, 03:14 AM)labra Wrote: At the feather? It's because i like the feather.

Is it from CS2?
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
The theme looks like the default with a different background and logo. Get a custom theme or make one.

The favicon, I belive, is photoshop... It's small, so I may be wrong. Just because it's off deviant art doesn't mean it isn't from photoshop.

And, "A place for Guru's"? That's a VERY generic slogan...
I never said anything about downloading themes, I said "Get a custom theme or make one."

Because someone posted an image on deviant art doesn't mean they made it, even if they say they did. That's like me posting a link to the MyBB forums and saying I made an insanely successful forum software. I'm not saying he didn't make it, I'm just saying it looks extremely close to it, and you can never trust what people say.
(2010-06-13, 03:16 AM)labra Wrote: It's just off deviant art, and it's not copyright, also i need ideas on what i can do for my forum to 'stand out'.

Usually something interesting. Like my friends forum first thing you see you see is a dancing banana pop up for exactly 4 seconds, and only once Toungue
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
I'm not trashing, I'm giving my input. I never said anything about your making a theme, I just clarified what I said about making or getting a custom theme.
So you don't want my input? Okay. Just say so.
Scared of what? Of my clarifying? I clarified what I said, simple as that.
Uhm.. Okay?
Please try and keep it on topic here guys. Complaining about avatars is irrelevant here.
Thanks, Polarbear541
Labra, begging for members is not what you do in the showcase section.
You advertise your site and you have to be open to criticism, and people will join on their own, not by you begging, if they think it's good enough, unlike me.

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