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QlimaxCode - General,Gaming,Graphics and Coding Forum!
Come check out

The brand new forum to chat in. It has different sections on what you may want to talk about.

We've only been up for a few days and we've got 1000 posts!

So come on down and register, you might make some new friends! Smile
Congrats + your forum looks nice. :o)

>> All threads are available to Registered Members only.
Somewhere I read there is a way to pass login data to the Google bot so your content still gets indexed. I don't remember if it was related to robots.txt or not. Have you ever heard how to do this?

Edit: I might be confused with the "google adsense authentication tool". I found some conflicting info, when searching around.
Perhaps this is a good topic for your forum. Wink
MyBB is the best forum software! Exclamation

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