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GamingInsanity.Net - General Gaming Forum + More
I used HF as an example, because it's well known and runs MyBB. Smile
(2010-06-17, 10:48 AM)trilobyte- Wrote: Did I mention anything at all about the dark theme ? No. And I'm saying that they all think that because HF has a lot of sections, that them doing the same will make it more active or whatever they think.

Still a bad example. I made a site before, put a ton of categories on it and never even knew about "HF." I get the point you were trying to make, but it was a bad one. Wink
Looks pretty ordinary as it has an stock theme Toungue. Anyways I agree it's not an ordinary gaming forum as it's not really an gaming forum but more like a tech forum as Mr. Smith already stated.

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