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Review wanted:
(2010-06-16, 01:57 PM)KuJoe Wrote: There was a lot of behind the scenes stuff that the users were unaware of and I am not at liberty to discuss them but suffice to say that I work with Chris and Jeremy in real life and it was not Chris's fault or decision to close down Host2x. For the last month I was involved with Host2x trying to help them out but apparently it was all for nothing.

Anyways, that chapter in our lives is closed and if anything good came from it then it would be the awesome images I am re-using. Big Grin
Oh really? That's good to know.

And that I made a friend and got a domain! xD
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(2010-06-18, 03:38 PM)Zash Wrote: Make the navigation/thead links white, the grey on black isn't contrasting enough.

Will do. Smile
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Looks much better, just change it on your main site too Wink
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I will once I get home. Wink
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Very nice.

To be picky, the forum footer is too small, I would make it a bit larger.
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