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Review wanted:
So what do you think? I took my old theme and "merged" it with a theme combus created for me a while back (attached).

The main complaint I received with my old theme was the size which was restricting and for most people annoying on large screens (looked fine on my 8.9" but weird on my 27").

The main complaint I received with the theme combus made was the colors, people preferred the red and black over the greys which I agreed.

And this, the new theme is here! I also have a white version of the logo but it didn't look right IMO. I tested it on Chrome, IE7, and IE8 (compatibility on and off) and it looked correct on all of them so if it looks broken to you please let me know your browser. Lastly, the copyright bar at the bottom will be changed in the future to include more things relating to my site, for the time being it's just a copyright bar though so don't complain about it to much. Toungue

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To quote Ryan Loos in the thread, 'Showcase Guidelines'.

Quote:You must also link directly to the forum's index (or portal), not some sort of landing page or other site home page.

Anyway, the theme is looking very nice. Simplicity is a winner.

For the moderator;
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
Looks fine, the red might be a bit to bright but I don't see any horrid displays Toungue.
the LvL reminds me of the way you type LoL... still bothers me ffuuu- Sad

Anyways, it's okay. The thead would look better imo if the shiny thing ended cleanly as opposed to having the small patch of gradient. Header looks fine but the tables could use some cleaning up.
good u
I like the red but I could see why people would have a problem with it....
Im done with this crap. Bye
Looks quite a bit like host2x (how I met you, lol)

I saw the old h2x theme in AccountLabPlus, and it brought back memories xD
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LoL, funny you should mention that. That's where I got the header and thead/tfoot images. Big Grin
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(2010-06-16, 06:49 AM)KuJoe Wrote: LoL, funny you should mention that. That's where I got the header and thead/tfoot images. Big Grin

xD I figured that.

True Rapidfire killed 2X. :/
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There was a lot of behind the scenes stuff that the users were unaware of and I am not at liberty to discuss them but suffice to say that I work with Chris and Jeremy in real life and it was not Chris's fault or decision to close down Host2x. For the last month I was involved with Host2x trying to help them out but apparently it was all for nothing.

Anyways, that chapter in our lives is closed and if anything good came from it then it would be the awesome images I am re-using. Big Grin
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Make the navigation/thead links white, the grey on black isn't contrasting enough.
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