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Anime Gaia
Hey every body. i run a small forum using MyBB software ( i love mybb i must say )

This is by far the best forum software ive used to date. so many features and mods already included makes it great

anyway, onto the showcase

Anime Gaia features
- Chat room
- Easy way to see new posts and stats
- Extra mods
- Events
- Graphics design
- Anime News
- Reviews
- Discuss anything beyond anime
- A fresh look each month - custom made by us

Theres alot to do. alot of place's to post, and area's to discuss almost anything.

All i want is 1-3 active posters who have interest in helping my site improve.

I am also after 1 moderater, and 1 graphics design artist who can do banners and signatures

P.S im aware some reviews are on old games and animes, were waiting to get more posters before we start posting more content

so come on by

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