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Scoutie - Point? (Sorry I'm tired too.)

Lyndon - Thanks! Will it cost anything?Z

Bob - I'm working on it. Toungue
Erm, your entire page layout is moving around every time I refresh the page. I don't think it requires further explanation than that.
good u
Care to post a before/after picture? That will help me assess and fix the problem.
When I'm on my computer sure.
good u
Um Yes I do charge for my themes. Budget?
Im done with this crap. Bye
Scoutie - Thanks. Smile

Lyndon - Sorry, I really have no money for a theme. :s
Uh, no problem? Glad you enjoyed it. Smile
Attached is 3 different screenshots, nothing changed on this end besides refreshing the page a few times, Firefox 3.6.

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good u
Wow, that's messed up. :O

Edit: I just opened up my Firefox and gave it a whirl, I do get the same problem. I'm going to look into this and see why.

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