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[Image: runeaid%20logo40.png]
"Improving your Runescape experience"

Why You Should Join
[Image: off52.png] Guide Archive [Image: off52.png]
At Runeaid, we specialize in making your Runescape experience better. Our high-quality teams of Guide Writers are working hard to bring out guides for you to use. Also, we care only about quality, and never quantity. So, when you use our guides you can rest assured they are the best they can be, and nothing less.

[Image: modcrown28.png] Community [Image: modcrown28.png]
Here at Runeaid, we have a wonderful community that everyone will love taking part in. Our discussion forum has a ton of different categories for discussion to take place. And, we even have our own assistance category, for anyone who wants some community-help on any confusing topic. Our forum features over 3000 posts and 300 threads, so there’s a topic for everyone!

[Image: lockfolder31.png] Saftey [Image: lockfolder31.png]
At Runeaid, we do our best to keep all accounts secure to protect their information. Our staff will never ask for your password, and make sure no one else does either. We have many different methods and tools to ensure that all information is protected, and everyone can feel safe while using Runeaid.

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- Please do remember to post feedback, it only helps us improve! Smile
OMG why so many user groups? Doesn't look good Sad
Hey! We take you to the Next Level
The different user groups are for the different website sections, and the management team.

Admins > Managers > Teams

That's how we sort it. But, I am considering removing the legend.
O.O Fail background... And the navbar... LOL.
I think you need to work on this a bit.
What's wrong with our background? I'd prefer some suggestions if possible. Also, what's wrong with our Nav bar?

(We just got the final version, so please check it again before slamming. Big Grin)
You need to improve on the navbar. It's out of alignment, buggy, and looks, well, childish. There are many designers out there looking for work so, if you feel the need, don't hesitate to ask.
You need a better theme. It looks really old and plain.
100 Posts - $3.00
PM me for more information.
Computer - Thank you for the feedback. Smile I'll be sure to look into some better images.

Winford - Any suggestions? I quite like our theme.
Navbar gave me a bit of lulz Toungue

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

Ok, i don't know how many times I have said this.

Afresh is not a theme to use if you want to attract users.

Get more original, and your customizations are terrible. The background looks like something from the 90's. Same with the footer and the navbar and the header.....
Im done with this crap. Bye

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