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(2010-06-21, 12:21 PM)lukasamd Wrote: Ok, I will check this.

Thanks, let me know the outcome as I'd still like to use this. Smile
Version 1.1:
- fix search engine (new topic and read mark info)
- added persian language (by Pars)

Try this and inform me about results.
This seems to work as I expect it to, I'll report back if I find any problems.

Thanks for the update. Smile

EDIT: It's still missing some threads out that should be there, I can't figure out why though.
Plese give more information about this threads and you login / last active time (or screens).
It's just not showing all the unread posts, I can't find a pattern. :s
Nice plugin only one Bug.
Deactivating does not work!!
Every time you deactivate this plugin and activating it again a new link is showed in header_welcomeblock_member.
[Image: bannermybb.jpg]
New version released - 1.2!
- compatible with MyBB 1.4 and 1.6
- fix problem with deactivate plugin (link in template)
- add new method for search unreads posts

Please inform about all problems in this topic Smile
Thanks for the update. I will check it later ^^
[Image: 40DS6Te.png]

Brilliant plugin thank you.
Great plugin.
I have two suggestions to improve it.

1. Replace this code (line 200):

    		$where_sql .= " ((t.fid IN(".implode(',', $onlyusfids).") AND t.uid='{$mybb->user['uid']}') OR t.fid NOT IN(".implode(',', $onlyusfids).")) AND";

Whit this one:

    		$where_sql .= " ((t.fid IN(".implode(',', $onlyusfids).") AND t.uid='{$mybb->user['uid']}') OR t.fid NOT IN(".implode(',', $onlyusfids).")) AND ";

(I mean just add a space after last "AND" to avoid SQL syntax errors)

2. Remove the language packs from zipped file and let users select the language files they want to use for this plugin.

Thank you. Heart

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