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You're welcome and thank you for report Smile
can you please functions_indicator.php make compatibel with mybb 1.8.6? and i have upgradet my forum to 1.8.6, then the error


i have installed und deinstalled the plugin without changes.

thank you
Version 1.4.0
    * Fix header template (add li element)
    * Fix moved SQL exception
    * Updated functions_indicators.php
    * Small code changes
thx, the error is for me not solved.

have you please idea? thank you very much!

and template:

unreadPosts_linkCounter , the tag of li of the end..
Thanks for info, I updated unreadPosts_linkCounter (version 1.4.1).

Your issue is not related to this plugin templates.
There is correct code to add and edit variable:

find_replace_templatesets('search_results_threads_thread', '#' . preg_quote('{$folder}"') . '#', '{$folder}{$thread[\'unreadPosts_thread\']}"');

You should edit your search_results_threads_thread template and remove one redundant quotation.
<tr class="inline_row">
	<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}" width="2%"><span class="thread_status {$folder}{$thread['unreadPosts_thread']}" title="{$folder_label}">&nbsp;</span></td>
	<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}" width="2%">{$icon}</td>
	<td class="{$bgcolor}">
			<span>{$prefix} {$gotounread} {$threadsolved} {$thread['threadprefix']}<a href="{$thread_link}{$highlight}" class="{$inline_edit_class} {$new_class}" id="tid_{$inline_edit_tid}">{$thread['subject']}</a>{$thread['multipage']}</span>
			<div class="author smalltext">{$thread['profilelink']}{$thread['startdate']}</div>
	<td class="{$bgcolor}">{$thread['forumlink']}</td>
	<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}"><a href="javascript:MyBB.whoPosted({$thread['tid']});">{$thread['replies']}</a></td>
	<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}">{$thread['views']}</td>
	<td class="{$bgcolor}" style="white-space: nowrap">
		<span class="smalltext">
			{$lastpostdate}<br />
			<a href="{$thread['lastpostlink']}" class="last_preview" id="ltid_{$inline_edit_tid}">{$lang->lastpost}</a>: {$lastposterlink}

this my template, i to stupid for solution. thx

when {$thread['unreadPosts_thread']} delete, then okay

firefox development (html):

<span class="thread_status newhotfolder  thread_unread" id="thread76" "="" title="Neue Beiträge. Heißes Thema.">&nbsp;</span>

apologies for the false presumption myalerts 's fault!
I reviewed code again and... you are right!
I fixed this issue in 1.4.2:

Thanks for report and sorry for confusion.
works, thank you very much!
can you make your plugin (counter) to ajax, then not refresh the site for counter or is this to complicated
It's possible to add ajax... but... really users leave board page opened? Smile

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