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[For 1.8] View Unread Posts
(2010-11-18, 07:25 PM)lukasamd Wrote: Copy here all sql query.

which one?
I am using this "search.php?action=unreads"
Looks like, I had many missing tid
Hello, Welcome to MyBB Indonesia to get local support
My 'Simple' Unique Plugin here Smile
I make some changes, so there is version 1.7
- fix bug in additional search functions
- fix in unread post functions

File in first post.
Please try this and reply Smile
And there is another update and version 1.8
- very small fix in search unread main function

Day without bug is not a good day Big Grin

The official download page offers version 1.6 although 1.7 is annouced.

Thanks for the plugin! aussenboarder
There is version 1.7 in download.

I uploaded 1.8, so it's strange.
I will submit new version (1.8) again today.

Thanks for info Smile
really missed that feature, thanks for this mod Smile
What defines a post as "unread," and how is this different from a new post?

Unread is... unread Smile
New post is a post from your last visit.

For example:
There are 6 new posts on board, you log in, search these using "new posts" and read 2 of them.
Next, you log out.
When you are not on board, there are new 10 posts (in total there are 14 unread posts).
You log in, use "search new posts" and can read only these 10 from last visit...

By using this plugin, you can search all unread posts, regardless of the last visit.

I do not know whether this explanation is sufficient...
PS: Sorry for my English :|
(2011-02-16, 09:08 PM)lukasamd Wrote: By using this plugin, you can search all unread posts, regardless of the last visit.
I think I get it now.

Unread posts are posts that showed up after the last time the user clicked a thread. And they stay unread no matter how many times person logs in, until the user clicks that thread or marks the forum as read.

I guess this is the same concept as what vBulletin does, where it shows these along with New Posts, but under the New list and divided with a separator.
None of the links appear on my forum. I can't see them. When I manually alter the link in the address bar, it works fine.
Thanks for this. very useful Smile
[Image: 40DS6Te.png]


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