You have received a warning.
If someone posts a site in the showcase forum, its open for criticism surely? Saying that the logo & theme is horrible can hardly be a warnable offence. The myBB community is full of kids and has gone down rapidly over the last year or two.

I won't be visiting the community any more and I will be converting to another forum software at the soonest oppertunity. Really disapointed with how the community has gone downhill, considering the software keeps getting better its a shame.


I didn't say it sucked...I said it was horrible, which it is.
I really don't understand converting forum software. Just because you won't be visiting the community, it doesn't mean you can't us mybb.
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@Tweep, Aaron makes plugins and themes, not coming to the community is worse.

Aaron sad to see you go, best wishes, and i don't think this deserved a warning.
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