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Forum Sandbox

Forum Sandbox

Hey everyone! I decided to make a Forum Sandbox, for anyone who wishes to use it. You don't have to waste your own Cpanel Space on your own, just come on over and test out your idea on mine. Smile

Upon registration (automatically validated) you are given Admin Panel Access, for maximum effeciency when testing your ideas. And, if you happen to completely demolish the forum, send me a pm and I'll have it back online in a few hours. Smile

Have fun! Wink
Haha... I'm gonna have fun with this...

Edit: WOW, you said I could have admin access???!?!?!?!?!! I CAN ONLY ACCESS THE HOME TAB!!!!!

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

Good to here you'll have fun with this. Smile

My apologies for the Home Tab access thing. That was something it did automatically without me noticing. Full privileges have been granted. Big Grin Have fun! Wink
WTF! Admin Access! A user's dream came TRUE!
[Image: 2nva1km.png]
Haha, I suppose. Toungue I just hope everyone has fun and makes use of it. Wink
Update: Due to someone ruining our entire design, the forum has been re-installed. You may continue using it. Smile
You should work on a script to auto reinstall the forum. Wink
I'm terrible at php. Toungue
I made one that reinstalled 1.6 Smile I could probably edit it for 1.4 Smile
I think OP is using 1.6.

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