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Selling ad spots.
So, I am kinda like really really broke and I don't want to see my site get shut down. I have to raise the money by July 1st so I am selling some ad spots on and

The ad spots that are open on forum:

Footer Image (1)

Our Friends Link (3)

Sig(1) -- I will place your ad in my sig on the forum.

The ad spots that are open on HomePage:
Footer Image (2)

After each News post (inside) (1)

Affiliates links on side (3)

You can PM me here and we can work out a price. But this is a general idea of a price that I want.

Links: 4$ - 4 months

Images: 7$ - 6 months

All prices and times that you want your ad up are negotiable.

EDIT: Here are the stats.



Note: On the homepage, I have been changing themes and doing a lot of editing so naturally the site is very slow. But you can see in the picture what traffic it usually gets.
Some info about traffic,pr,and ar would be nice..
My Site - Support For My Themes
If you would like a Custom MyBB Theme PM me Smile.
(06-22-2010, 08:38 PM)NBKTwitch Wrote: Some info about traffic,pr,and ar would be nice..

This. I might be interested depending on your stats and prices for a banner (large) at the top of the blog. Could you either post or PM me the blog and forum stats separately?
good u
Lol sorry for sounding UBER noobie. How exactly can I give you the info?

I have a google analytics account, if that helps any.
Google Analytics and/or some logging program from your hosting CP, such as awstats.
good u
Okay. What stats would you guys like to see?
I'm interested. =) Give me about three days and I'll purchase a good deal Wink I like Penhacks enough
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Lol thanks. Big Grin
(06-22-2010, 11:20 PM)wethegreenpeople Wrote: Okay. What stats would you guys like to see?

A screenshot of it would be nice.
I'm not here much. Check out my Blog, or Twitter
Lol, of what exact stats though?

And I can't take screen shots I am on a stupid public computer and it won't let me use paint. So you'll just have to tell me what stats you want. Or wait until tonite when I can get on a crapp laptop xP

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