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[For 1.8] RSS Feed Poster 7.0
I would need to see the feed url
Hi there ! First of all, thanks for that plugin! I found and issue (I think), when I try to add a Mybb Threadfix to a feed.

In Mybb thread prefix options, I assigned one prefix to a "Bots" user group (I want that prefix to be used only by Bots group), but in the RSS feed poster options, the prefix is not shown. Any idea? Thanks
I think it only loads global prefixes
(2020-09-16, 05:18 PM)vbgamer45 Wrote: I think it only loads global prefixes

Thanks for your reply
Hi again!

I have a question. Is the length of the post title determined by the rss feed, by mybb or by the plugin?

I say this because many post titles are cut and look so bad.
It is by MyBB I believe. there are limits
(2020-09-21, 07:45 PM)vbgamer45 Wrote: It is by MyBB I believe. there are limits

I have modified the mybb_threads table changing the varchar from 85 yo 120, and I have also edited the inc/datahandlers/post.php file changing the subject_length from 85 to 120.
I haven't noticed any change, the Post titles that RSS feeder returns keep getting shorter. Any idea where to go from here?
I would also check the RSS Feed Poster plugin itself I might have added the same checks as well there.

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