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[For 1.8] RSS Feed Poster 7.2
Did check your task log or error log on MyBB
how can i check this?
It should be located under tasks in MyBB admin and you should see a task log
New update fixed two bugs
!Fixed a bug handling the query string in the fsockopen request call
!Fixed bug in handling of headers in fsockopen request for the feed.

.zip   RSS Feed Poster 1.0.3 (Size: 11.08 KB / Downloads: 120)
I would like to know how to fix the HTML. I have HTML checked in the feed, the user who is posting has the ability to post HTML into the thread. This is how the output of the feed is displayed.
Quote:<p><a href="|10050:[email protected]"><img src="" align="left" border="0" height="80" width="80" alt="Save $1.00 on ONE package of any LUNCHABLES Lunch Combinations WITH water" /></a></p>Save $1.00 on ONE package of any LUNCHABLES Lunch Combinations WITH water

If i use the RSS2Post the HTML works, I wanted to try this plugin because I could schedule feeds on different times where with the other one from Dennis is one time for all feeds.

Please help me correct the HTML as its needed.

Thank you


This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Nice plugin and very very useful... Thx

I was wondering about asking if you could add extra setting.
What i had in my mind is if you could make so the rss posts not included as new posts when users select (View New Posts) or (View Today's Posts) do you know what i mean?? Smile
1.0.4 released
!Fixed a bug in the subject line that might cause a newline character to be added

Might have fixed an issue with html being posted correctly as well too.

.zip   RSS Feed Poster 1.0.4 (Size: 11.07 KB / Downloads: 117)
Ok now, with this version It does not run the task.

and is not showing up in error log, with the previous 1.0.3 it worked just messed html up

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