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Japanese translation, template and patch for 1.4.13
Hi there,

This is a beta release of Japanese translation with a customized theme and a patch for administrator control panel.

If you find some mistranslations, untranslated phrases or other bugs, please let me know replying this thread or sending PM.

Thanks for your help.

If anyone can make more proper Japanese icons, please help me to post them. Because my icons are quick and dirty...

Attached Files
.gz   japanese_lang.tar.gz (Size: 142.99 KB / Downloads: 165)
.gz   mybb_ja_theme.xml.tar.gz (Size: 59.53 KB / Downloads: 145)
.diff   admin-cp.diff (Size: 33.59 KB / Downloads: 136)
It is great work, I had gone through that and I find it is really good and some small mistakes are there and that I will surely mail you with the perfect solutions.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Great work, thanks.

There are some ._file.php files in the tarball, they all contain "Mac OS X 2 RTEXT". I don't know Mac OS, maybe temporary files of your editor? Naturally they shouldn't be uploaded.
Thanks, hartford10, frostschutz.

@hartford10: oh, please mail/PM me when you are ready. Thanks for your time and help.

@frostschutz: Sorry, such files are useless under non Mac OS X environment. I'll eliminate them from an official localization for 1.4 and 1.6.
Is this for 1.4?
Or any information for 1.6?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

Adi Sucipta Pratama
核尼固沛罗荄飛燕空? 群核啰𨀺伮拱咍特譯罗 delphinium, 實祭妬罗荄夷於越南?
I just installed this Language Pack on MyBB 1.6.3:

But, nothing happen.
Any help?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

Adi Sucipta Pratama
Ah, my problem solved.
I just forgot to CHMOD that Language Pack to 777.
And that work in MyBB 1.6, too.
Thank You very much. Smile
Best Regards,

Adi Sucipta Pratama

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