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Theme Design
I'm looking for some clients to design for in order to help grow my portfolio.

MyBB Themes
Ok I love to design MyBB themes. They're alot of fun for me. I'm learning things like jQuery so your themes get something new and aren't just colour changes. I make sure the layout is modified and looks different than the default.

Basic Themes
- $20
- CSS Sheet
- Minor Layout Changes
- Button Set

Regular Themes
- $40-$60
- CSS Sheet
- Complete Layout Changes
- Button Set

Advanced Theme
- $60-$80
- CSS Sheet
- Complete Layout Changes
- Button Set
- Rank Images
- PSD's
- jQuery Effects

*NOTE* these Prices may vary. It all depends on the request.

*ALSO NOTE* When I say Layout Changes, that doesn't mean the footer becomes the header, vice versa, etc. It means that it won't look like the default theme.

HTML/CSS or Website Designs
Ok if your looking for a template for a website that doesn't use a script, this is what you need. I'll include a CSS Sheet, and a few starter pages. Prices may vary depending on the request and if your price is high enough, I will include things like jQuery.

If your looking for themes for Wordpress or IPB, I can design, however I am not an avid designer for these scripts so it may take longer.

Portfolio (MyBB - Closed) (MyBB - In Development) (MyBB - In Development) (IPB - In Development) (Wordpress)
I'll add more later.

If I have missed anything, let me know.
Im done with this crap. Bye
I am back from my 'vacation' so feel free to request normally. I will try to get them done within a few days of the request date.
Im done with this crap. Bye
You got a portfolio? Smile
Yes I do...Still Working on It.

I'll try and whip up some screenshots today.
Links Added.
Im done with this crap. Bye

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