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I want your sub-domains! Raise your traffic rankings by doing nothing!
(06-26-2010, 01:23 AM)Jakee Wrote: And what happens when a domain expires? or they decide to not let you use it anymore?

Anybody who has contributed a domain to this and cannot afford to pay the renewal fee, is more than welcome to ask me to pay it, and I'll probably say yes.

If people add their domains to the service in the first place, I don't see why they would change their minds later on. However, if they do choose to remove their domain, thats up to them (although some sort of warning would be nice). Those who "own" sub-domains of that domain would be emailed and offered another domain.

May I also repeat what I said earlier - "I will be introducing a very nice incentive scheme for those who have their domains with the service". Things need to get started up first, and then I will go into more details about that. As a minimum, I hope to be rewarding everyone with at least the cost of renewing their domain, but the best domains (that a lot of people have sub-domains of) will of course receive more.
At any point in this, would I be allowed to withdraw my domain from this?
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(06-26-2010, 03:30 AM)Elegant Totality Wrote: At any point in this, would I be allowed to withdraw my domain from this?
Of course, just change your DNS settings. However, like stated, you should give a warning first.
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I'd be happy to allow any of my domains as long as I still have the ability to have subdomains for my self or CNAME records, etc.
Thanks for adding your domains to the list Smile

I'm really busy with getting the actual site ready at the moment, but I'll drop you a message as soon as we're looking for more domains.

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