What are my cookie settings?
If you are having problems logging in, or logging out on your forum, chances are that your cookie settings are not correctly configured.

If your forum URL is: http://www.example.com/forum
Your cookie settings should be:
Cookie Domain: .example.com
Cookie Path: /forum/

Note that there's a dot in front of .example.com in the cookie domain, and this is to allow the cookie to be used in any subdomains of example.com (ie. www.example.com)

I've created a script that should be able to tell you what to put in your cookie settings, and it is accessible here:
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Web: http://dennistt.net
Good tutorial, this should help out a lot of people! Smile
Just like to add someone !! however dennis' script is wow! and we dont even have to write here but in case your site was.

http://community.mybboard.com then

Cookie domain: .community.mybboard.com
path: /

thankies a million for this- its finally sorted out my problem Big Grin
Great toturial DennisTT, thnx mate, the script also verry helpfull, U r the best Smile
Official Arabic Translator.
thank you os much... nice tutorial

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