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Tech 2 Game needs Staff
Recently we started few new features and thats why there are few staff potions available in the forum. Take a look at the following for more:

Positions Available:

  • Package Team Leader:

We need a package team leader who can handle package prices, package posting rules and regulations, inspect the cash exchange, communicate with package team members. We need someone who is experienced and good in this field.

  • Package Team Member
Package team members will complete posting packages in other forum and will work under package team leader.

Package Team Badge: Click Here!

  • Review Team Leader:

Review Team leader will control all the review rules, inspect cash exchange, maintain the quality of the review. You can also have to do reviews sometimes.

  • Review Team Member
Review team members will complete requested reviews and you will work under Review Team Leader.

Review Team Badge: Click Here!

Why you join T2G as staff?
We are one of the biggest and active forum, working with us will not only give you exposure but will also give your site popularity among members. You will gain lot of experience working with us and we are great friendly community and we will always help you whenever you got into any problem about your site or forum. From here you can gain ample amount of traffic as we have other sections too rather than having only promotion section.

Is it a paid job?
No, currently its not a paid job but also its not a voluntary job. You will be paid god amount of forum currency each month by which you can but graphics items, ad space in our forum and you can use the money in also many other stuff. And also I can assure you that in future it can become a paid job as we grow. You just have to be with us.

Just PM me or apply here in reply with your previous experience( if you have any) and in what position you are applying for. Only apply if you are serious about the job.

Thank You,
[Image: eyadHiR.png]
I have applied for it !
Hey! We take you to the Next Level

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