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[For 1.8] ezGallery 2.0.1 - Photogallery for MyBB
This is really good but I see a lot of stuff in ROOT/ezgallery.php that could be improved.

Examples are things like this may not work on MyBB.

while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($dbresult))

You should use the $db class. I know that sometimes trying to use mysql functions won't work under certain circumstances.

				// Search for members who have this picture id set in their GET data.
				$request = $db->write_query("

That should be $db->simple_select not a write_query.

You also don't use templates and for consistency sake you should.

I give this plugin a big thumbs up. It's a great attempt to make a solid gallery plugin. With a little adjustment to make this more standard for MyBB and it would be perfect.

I'd like to encourage you to further develop this. A day of work and you could have the best gallery plugin for mybb.
(2010-06-29, 11:20 PM)vbgamer45 Wrote: That error is odd... Because that means either wrong with the query or table does not exist
Check if your mybb_gallery_settings table exists


I wish I could use the table functions like they have in the MyBB admin area but seems like they only work in the admin cp.

The simple select I am not crazy about since it requires writing the queries and not as organized or as easy to test/run. I like to be able to grab the query and pop into phpmyadmin or a query browser to run/test it.
A good gallery plugin is something MyBB needs IMO, this looks like it could do the job very well with a little more development, well done and keep up the good work. Smile
Shemo try this and see if this makes any difference.

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.zip (Size: 28.85 KB / Downloads: 148)
I'm also getting an error when trying to edit permissions
x-Treme download right above that should fix that issue.
So do I have to replace all files, or just the plugin file?
I would replace all with the latest zip.
Works now

a couple of suggestions...
1. Change the order of the comments (oldest first)
2. Permissions per category
3. use MyBB's rating system (stars) for rating images
4. Toggle ability to add image via url

This is very similar to SMF's gallery mod. It's the best gallery available and something that quite a lot of people have been asking for for quite some time.

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