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[For 1.8] ezGallery 2.0.1 - Photogallery for MyBB
I downloaded ezGallery Pro and it self-identifies in MyBB as 5.3.1. I have MyBB ver. 1.8.24 installed.

My problem is that I cannot see any visible sign of the install on the MyBB forum. The "Lite" version had at least a linked icon in the top menu, and it looks like maybe there should be a category for it, but nothing like that is on display. Additionally it says in the Configuration of MyBB that the path to the gallery is supposed to be [mysite]/forum/gallery but no page renders when you follow that path.

I can set a menu item that leads to ezgallery.php and I have done that, but I am wondering if something is wrong with my install.

I'm sure it's a mistake on my part as I am new to both pieces of software, but would appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

Also wondering if creating categories is still an admin-only function. Thanks in advance for any help.
elizabeth1 sorry I missed this post. For ezGallery Pro please post on our site to keep support topic clear:
Post at

The menu you should link to
Is there any way to migrate from photopost gallery?
There is not currently. I think that gallery was discontinued years ago?
It was discontinued a few years ago but had a lot of active installations.

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