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Selling Tech Blog: 30 articles, 150+ comments, 3000 unique hits p/m
As some of you know I own a tech blog where basically tutorials, articles, reviews, freebies, etc are posted. I started it in January but stopped posting in March and posted in April-May again. Now since May I have completely stopped posting due to lack of time and money to provide quality articles. Boxietuts has articles on development, programming, designing, marketing, tools, etc.

Articles: 30
Comments: 154 + ~ 57,363 spam posts
Unique Hits (Jan-Jun 2010): <= 18278

[Image: capture.png]

Some articles gotten over 2000 unique hits and a lot of them are tweeted at least 10-20 times. Some articles are also very popular on dzone and some other social sharing sites. An active month where a new posted was posted every day:

[Image: capture.png]
Remember this was the first month Boxietuts was setup so it had no SEO.

Boxietuts also gets a lot of visitors by search engines:
[Image: capture.png]
As you see when looking at the graph, the spikes you see where articles that got big within the first 24 hours. Mainly due to Dzone and Twitter.

Some big articles:
Also you could make a lot of money with advertisement and promote sites with it because I noted when I placed in URL to one of my other sites in an article that got big it got at least 500-1000 unique hits within the first 24 hours.

So now that you got a basic impression about Boxietuts let me state what you will get when you purchase it:

You will buy:
  • Domain
  • Design (custom)
  • Database (including all articles, comments, plugins, etc)
  • Twitter

What are you asking?
I am not looking for some offer from someone that doesn't have the knowledge, time, or money to invest into it. For offers I am looking in the high xxx - low x,xxx.

If you would like to place a bid feel free to PM me or reply here if you want to. If you got any comments or questions feel free to ask me in this thread or over PM.
Nevermind... Pmed you instead.

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